• Pig shed roof window

    Pig shed roof window

    Ventilation in winter is the key and difficult point of modern intensive pig farm environmental control. Too long ventilation will affect the health of pigs. It makes use of the effect of the roof in winter and the characteristics of internal air flow and movement, supplemented by mechanical intake and exhaust equipment and frequency conversion control, to achieve automatic and efficient ventilation in winter.

  • Chicken house plastic air inlet

    Chicken house plastic air inlet

    In raise chicken industry, the ventilated window that hen house uses is common window commonly, airtight sex is bad, heat preservation sex is poor. And ordinary Windows can not adjust the direction of the wind, the wind is easy to blow directly to the chicken, so that the chicken is cold stress, easy to get sick. The company provides a chicken house ventilation window, the chicken house ventilation window can adjust the window opening and closing Angle, good heat preservation, conducive to the chicken house ventilation and heat preservation.

  • Poultry Plastic Air Inlet

    Poultry Plastic Air Inlet

    High quality engineering plastic injection molding, higher density, more firm. By opening the air inlet at a special Angle, it fits the environment of the chicken. Dust removal ammonia and carbon dioxide elimination, air intake to remove water vapor.

  • Chicken coop side Windows

    Chicken coop side Windows

    Ventilation window is also called ventilation window. According to the principle of large airflow mechanics, it adopts mechanical ventilation and negative pressure air inlet design. Without opening the window, it realizes the rapid discharge of indoor dirty air out of the room, and the natural balance enters the room after the purification of outdoor fresh air, forming the flow exchange of indoor and outdoor air, and maintaining the air quality of the indoor space.

    The chicken house ventilation window uses this principle to ventilate the chicken house and ensure the living environment of the chicken.

  • Animal Feed Silo

    Animal Feed Silo

    Animal feed silo can control the feed quantity and time, every time can be on time, will not waste the feed, can save production cost to a certain extent. Feed tower can also prolong the shelf life of feed, avoid moldy feed, otherwise may cause livestock and poultry disease. We know that the tower is a precision control device as well as a versatile breeding device.

  • Automatic Poultry Feeding System 

    Automatic Poultry Feeding System 

    Towers structure more reasonable, appearance is shaped like a big funnel, convenient feed storage, towers can be divided into different levels, at all levels have different quality of a material feed, the top of the tower is a activities cover series, series, the comparison of its function, can be feed on the ground of sorting, processing and classification, the direction of the cover can be according to the different direction Line.

  • Feed Grain Silos

    Feed Grain Silos

    All parts are designed strictly in accordance with the drawings, using advanced laser equipment and precision mold production, and then through strict quality inspection, the production of each part is more standard, more accurate size, more convenient installation, to ensure easy assembly and use.

  • Farm Silos

    Farm Silos

    Tower is the product of modern breeding development, also known as feed storage tower, tower, is a kind of suitable for large-scale, medium-sized farms of a storage equipment, in its discharge port with feeding equipment, can be timed to the house feed.

  • Wall Mounted Shutter Cone Fans

    Wall Mounted Shutter Cone Fans

    It is a popular negative pressure exhaust fan. It has the widest size range of any exhaust fan. Negative pressure fan is a kind of air convection and negative pressure ventilation principle to achieve ventilation cooling fan. Fresh air is naturally inhaled from doors and Windows, and the stuffy air in the room is quickly discharged from the installation position of the fan, which can improve any poor ventilation, and the cooling effect can reach 90%-97%.

  • 54 Inch Industrial Exhaust Fans

    54 Inch Industrial Exhaust Fans

    Greenhouse exhaust fans are popular in recent years. Greenhouse exhaust fan is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving plant ventilation and cooling equipment, because of the exhaust fan exchange volume, ventilation and cooling effect is good, low noise, the use of the installation of the website is the least destructive, cheap to buy, a wide range of application, long life and other significant characteristics, more and more popular with users.

  • 50 Inch Industrial Exhaust Fans

    50 Inch Industrial Exhaust Fans

    Exhaust fan is also called negative pressure exhaust fan. Axial fan is mainly used for ventilation and cooling. It is a relatively economic ventilation cooling products. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, large air volume, convenient installation and so on. It is widely used in factories, greenhouses, poultry farms, livestock farms and so on.

  • Circulation fan

    Circulation fan

    Using circulating fan can ensure the uniform distribution of temperature, humidity and CO 2 in the greenhouse, promote the growth and reproduction, so as to maintain the consistency of plants and obtain excellent quality.

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