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Pakistan Poultry Association. On 8th October, 2016 Zonal Executive Committee of PPA (NZ) met at Poultry House and decided to hold 19th International Poultry Expo-2017 on 24-25 & 26th August, 2017. It will be an opportunity for the international entrepreneurs to get reach in, one of the developing country of South Asia. This three days Expo, which held annually in August/September became a source of selling and purchasing for producers, Poultry Farmers, Poultry Drugs and Vaccine Suppliers, Feed Millers, Consultants and Breeder Companies. Hundreds of entrepreneur and thousands of visitors have witnessed large variety of substantive items exhibited in the previous exhibitions. This time too, the organizers will focus on the huge participation of Poultry Entrepreneurs, New Investors, Researchers, Veterinarians, Students and Consumers to provide them a capable platform, where they will be able to find professional guidance and International exposure too.

So once again the PPA takes the initiatives to hold IPEX-2017 and offers a junction for global and regional market player that will lead to high growth and rapid development of Poultry Industry. Therefore, we are looking forward for your cooperation by getting yourself registered for the conference, to reserve stalls, to advertise in Souvenir and for the promotion of their products and company through Banners in Expo Center and its surrounding areas.
At the end, we cordially invite you to the largest ever poultry Expo, Commencing on 24-25 & 26th August, 2017 at Lahore Expo Center.
We are enclosing Floor Plan of Hall No. 1, 2 & 3 along with Terms & Conditions for your information and necessary action please.
Yours Sincerely,
Major (Retd) Syed Javaid Hussain Bukhari 
Zonal Secretary 
Poultry House, 24-R Johar Town Lahore

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