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The Middle East Exhibition AGRAME of Poultry Farms

The Middle East Exhibition AGRAME of Poultry Farms

2017-04-10 in AGRAME(Dubai)Booth Number:2.C18

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AgraME is the exhibition to set the growth path for your business in the MENA Region. Witness a wide range of products from Agriculture, Poultry, Livestock and Dairy, while interacting with more than 300 exhibitors from 22 countries and country pavilions from China, Denmark, India, Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Taiwan and the Netherlands.

A bigger and better platform, AgraME offers an optimal business environment to keep you updated with new products and technologies from across the globe; as well as to increase knowledge via the AgraME Conference which focuses on tackling some of the biggest issues that the industry faces: Water Management for Farms and BioSecurity Policies and Practices.

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