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Name:50 Inch Cone Exhaust Fan Butterfly Ventilation Fan


50 Inch Cone Exhaust Fan Butterfly Ventilation Fan

Poultry house shutter exhaust fan|shutter cone exhaust fan|farm ventilation fan

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Our product is the Top Quality,choose the best Raw Materials,and the most precise Accessory for exhaust fan,and imported Bearings and MITSUBISHI's(or China famous brand)best belt from Japan,and SIEMENS/Mitsubishi/ABB/China Motor,and Stainless Steel fan Blade and galvanized sheet with strong antirust ability,and so on.

Product Application and Market:

Exhaust Fan Series | Cooling Pad Series | Temperature-Control System Series | Poultry Breeding Equipment Series | GreenHouse Series

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Why use our Fan and Pad Cooling System equipment?

Choosing us is choosing the best ventilation. Please check the picture and describe our advantages >>>

Exhaust Fan



Why choose this model?

1. This model has the strongest ventilation capability,We have 3 blades and 6 blades for you to choose.It has the strongest function to get Fresh Air inside and put the Dirty Air outside.For now,a lots of modern poultry farm,pig house,and big greenhouse use this model Big Blowing (Butterfly) Cone Fan.

2. Our products use corrosion resistant galvanized sheet(SGLD)with antirust coat.

3. The Support Rod is high strength galvanized steel tube of pipe wall thickness 2.0mm.It ' s the best than other vendor 1.8mm tupe.

5. Our diversion cover has been rustproof,to increase its life cycle.

6. We're different of Air Damper and Door Adjustable Plate.

7. We can design and produce according to the customers' needs.



Evaporative Cooling Pad

The Pad Color can be customized,and can soak paint.

Our color is light.

Width 600mm have 85pcs paper.

We have a high concentration of glue, so we have strong hardness.

We can provide Pad:2000x600x150mm,2000x600x100mm,1800x600x150mm,1500x600x150mm,and so on.

5 years of quality assurance.


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Orther Exhaust Fan Product:

Centrifugal Shutter Exhaust Fan
Large Air Flow
Long Service Life
Save Energy
Easy Installation
Low Price
Short Delivery Cycle

Model 50 36
Blade 1270 1000
Air Flow 43000 28000
Power 1.1kw 0.75kw
Height/Width 1380x1380 1000x1000
Thickness 450 450




430SS Drop Hammer Exhaust Fan

1. Frame: galvanized steel sheet, anti-corrosive, durable, zinc thickness 180g/m2. Thickness: 1.0 mm for the top, 0.8mm for the other sides.
2. Blade: 6 pieces of mirror finished stainless steel blades, attractive and durable with big air volume, passing the homeostasis test to ensure the air volume keeping the same as the very beginning during the operational life span, low noise, no distortion, no broken, Thickness: 1.2mm.
3. Motor: Siemens motor or Chinese motor, high efficient and energy-saving with CCC certificate. Protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F. The voltage, power, phase can be customized.
4. Shutter: Made of high strength galvanized steel sheet, dustproof and waterproof. Thickness: 0.4mm.
5. Protective net: made of hard-drawn wire, designed as door-type,which is convenient for maintaining.
6. Handles: designed as recessed type, easy for carry, transport and have no effect on installation and outlook.
7. Belt tensioner: made of high quality nylon or aluminium-magnesium alloy, avoiding belt loosening or dropping off, extending service life and avoiding distortion, waterproof.
8. Belt Pulley: made of aluminium-magnesium alloy by injection moulded, reducing the weight of blade and impeller, high corrosion resistance. Blast-sanding treatment for attractive appearance, eliminating internal stress to improve its own rigidity and stability, high strength.
9. Bearing: imported double-row bearing, super mute, high intension and durable, adopting special waterproof design, high intension, low noise, maintenance-free and long service life.
10. Belt: China brand belt, Mistubishi belt.




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We can provide Other Accessories for the Exhaust Fan, which can be convenient for your purchase.  Product List>>>>>>



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