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Name:Automation systems and automatic poultry cages


Automation systems and automatic poultry cages

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Main Parts and Parameters of Automatic Broiler Farm Equipment:

1. Auto Main Feed Filling Storage Line of Silo/Manpower Hopper(Feed Bin) System
automatically convey feed from silo or manpower hopper into feeding line hopper .
(1).Silo or manpower hopper/feed bin
Silo Mode Volume Height(no foundation) Diameter
UB-4.0(1802) 6.2M3 9M 1.833M
UB-7.3(2701) 11.2M3 4.5M 2.75M
UB-10.6(2702) 16.4M3 5.68M 2.75M
UB-14.0(2703) 21.6M3 6.8M 2.75M
UB-20.8(3602) 32M3 6.9M 3.667M
UB-27.3(3603) 42M3 7.9M 3.667M

Manpower Hopper/Feed Bin: 600kgs/800kgs

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(2).Base hopper
(3).Drive system: 0.75KW/1.1KW/1.5KW, 380V/220V, 3 Phase/1Phase
(4).Feed sensor: IFM brand from Germany
(5).Strobe with 3 outlets
(6).Main feed line
(7).Bent pipe

2. Auto Pan Feeding/Feeder System
automatically convey feed into each feeder pan.
(1).Driving Motor: high-quality special driving reduction motor, China Taiwan motor and European motor for your choice
Power:0.75KW/1.1KW/1.5KW; Voltage: 220V, 380V, others; Frequency: 50HZ,60HZ; Phase:1-phase,3-phase.
(2).V-Shaped Bin with Hopper
Bin Volume:115L, Hopper volume:38L
Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet
(3).Conveying Pipe and Auger
Material: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with the zinc coating amount of more than 275g/m2
Helical spring auger imported from South Africa,
Feeding ability:450kg/h
Maximum conveying length:140m
(4).Feeder Pan
Pan distance: 4 pans/3 meters, 3 pans/3 meters.
Material: ABS PP
(5).Feed Sensor
Imported from Germany; time delay range 0 to 2 hours.
(6).Hanging System
winch in the middle of house, hanging point 3m, all steel wire.
(7).Anti-roost System
Noted Point:
Max provide length: 150m

Feeding line distance: 3m

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3. Auto Nipple Drinking/Drinker System
supply clean water to each nipple drinker, chicken can drink water from 360 degree freely.
(1). water front system
the front controller for nipple drinking system,including filter, water meter and doser medicator etc, which is used to adjust water supply and stabilize drinking volume.

(2). water pipe with nipple drinker and drip cup
8 nipple/10 nipple/12 nipple/15 nipple/3m, 20 nipple/4m.
water pipe -- made by transparent PVC material with European Technology, square water pipe and round water pipe,
nipple drinker-- a. Lubing type: outer engineering plastic and inner stainless steel; b. New Plasson type. c.outer and inner both stainless steel;
All the three kinds nipple drinker use double-sealing structure, good seal performance and never leak water;
Chicken could freely drink from 360 degree.
nipple drinker capacity:
broiler: 8-12pcs/nipple
layer: 10-14pcs/nipple(breeding stage)
8-10pcs/nipple(laying stage)
turkey: 6-12pcs/nipple
duck: 10pcs/nipple
breeder: 10pcs/nipple
drip cup - single-arm drip cup with a reasonable structure is more suitable for new culture idea.

(3). pressure regulator
Double water-inlet-tube and flushing pressure regulator ensure large water flow.
The massive recoil tuner features stable tuning, high dexterity, sufficient and even liquidity, convenient waterline flushing, which can save water and time. It is equipped with the standard double ball valve, which is easy to change.

(4).water-level display pipe
Use high transparency and impact resistant material, sturdy and durable, and convenient to watch water level.
Poultry Days Water Level Height(mm)
1~ 7 days 50~80mm
8~14 days 80~200mm
≥ 15 days 200~350mm

(5). hanging system
It is easy to adjust height of this drinking system in different poultry growth. It is very important to keep a right and appropriate height for poultry in different growth period, too higher or lower height can cause poultry bone distortion, which is bad for poultry growth and waste water.

Noted Point:
Max provide length: 150m

Feeding line distance: 2.5m~3.5m

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4. Poultry Cages System


Layer chicken cage: 
(1) Material:entirely hot galvanized material, sheet galvanized thickness 275g/m2, wire thickness 215g/m2, anti-corrosion, last for 30 years. 
(2) Deep nets are lay on 3mm tight wire, with high resilience, reduce egg broken rate
(3) High egg delivery rate: 12000 egg/h (automatic)
(4)Automatic manure removal system reduce environmental pollution. 
(5)Automatic egg collection system,save labor cost. 
(6)Convenient management,epidemic disease easy controlled. 
(7)High labor production efficiency. 
(8)Higher raising density and lower investment

Automatic Egg Collection System

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(1) Egg delivery belt is imported from Italy, with Europe quality and last 15 years 
(2) With Automatic Egg Cleaning System, ensure all eggs are clean 
(3) Automatic Egg Delivery System, reduce egg broken rate
Automatic Manure Removal System 
(1) Manure belt is also imported from Italy, with Europe quality and last 15 years
(2) Width of manure belts are optional, customize according to your needs
(3) With lateral and lengthway manure remove system, improve manure remove rate, keep cage and poultry shed clean.
5. Auto Ventilation System
exclude bad air out of chicken house and keep a suitable temperature for different stage chicken.
(1).50” fan: box fan/cone fan/butterfly cone fan
50” butterfly cone fan: design of butterfly door makes a minimum wind resistance and optimum performance
0.75KW 3 fan blades
Air capacity: 41525m3/h
Fan blade made of Krupp stainless steel from Germany, high stability
1.1KW 6 fan blades
Air capacity: 49452m3/h
Fan blade made of Krupp stainless steel from Germany, high stability

50” box fan
Air capacity:43070m3/H
Noise: ≤65DB
Voltage: 220V/380V/others
Electric Current: 2.8A
Weight: 88KG

(2).36” fan
36” box fan
Air capacity: 20800m3/H
Size: 1000×1000×450mm
Noise: ≤64DB
Power: 0.4KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/others
Electric Current: 1.6A
Weight: 66KG

(3).Air inlet

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6. Auto Cooling Pad System
decrease chicken house temperature greatly and quickly when in hot season time.
(1).Cooling pad (with /without frame)
Color: black, yellow
Thickness specification: 100mm, 150mm
Width specification: 300mm, 600mm
Height specification: 1660mm, 1960mm, 2160mm(with frame)
1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm(without frame)
Other Size Could Be Customized!
Outer frame: aluminum alloy, high strength, good corrosion resistance, even water distribution, compact structure, beautiful and practical.
(2).Cycle water system
(4).Water pump(with thermal protection)

(5).Water replenishing system

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7. Auto Environmental and Power Control System
setting suitable climate situation according to different stage chicken requirement, through control ventilation fans, air let and cooling pad's on /off to control the chicken climate automatically.
Basic Control system Includes The Following Parts:
(1). Environment controller
(2). Temperature sensor
(3). Alarm system
(4). Humidity sensor
(5). Power control box

The Most Advanced Control System not only has the above function, but also could be done to do chicken feed weighing/chicks weighing/connecting to computer or personal phone.

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8. Auto Fogger Spraying and Disinfection System
humidify, cool, disinfect and clean chicken house.
(1). Humidification: increase the humidity to the preset range according to the requirements - 60~70% of the maximum relative humidity.
(2). Cooling: cooling poultry house by 3~8 centigrade within few minutes.
(3). Disinfection: add disinfectant into water source of spraying and fogging system, then fogging system could disinfect the chicken house.
(4). Washing: the Spraying Machine could also do wash for chicken house.

(1). Main Pipe -- Copper Pipe
diameter: 9.52mm
hole wall thickness: 0.8mm
inner hole thickness: 7.92mm
(2). Branch Pipe – High Pressure Nylon Pipe
diameter: 9.52mm
hole wall thickness: 2.7mm
inner hole thickness: 4.12mm

(3). Spraying Nozzle -- #3 copper nozzle with double holes, every 3m one double-hole nozzle to ensure no spray dead corner.
nozzle hole diameter: 0.25mm
working pressure: 50~80 bar
spraying volume: 64~106ml/min
spraying partical: 25~30 micron aerosol

(4). Spraying Engine – movable
power: 3.7kw(3 phase)/2kw(1 phase)
water absorbing capacity: 20~38L/min
maximum working pressure: 120bar
9. Auto Heating System warm chicken house.
Heating poultry house when it is needed to satisfy the temperature demand of chickens at different growth stage.
(1). Hot-blast heater, fuel of diesel or coal or wood or electricity
(2). Infrared gas brooder
(3). Poultry gas space heater

(4). Poultry tank-heater with fuel of diesel or electricity or gas.

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10. Curtain System
Curtain for open type chicken house in place of hot climate, which could be done in the way of manual control lifting up/down or automatic control.
a complete curtain system including:
(1) curtain fabric
(2)manual or motor winch
(3)supporting tube
(4)anti-swaying system
(5)lifting system
(6)steel wire

11. Poultry House

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