Perlengkapan ternak/kandang terlengkap

  • Perlengkapan ternak/kandang terlengkap

Name:Perlengkapan ternak/kandang terlengkap

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Kami distributor / penyedia alat Ternak Unggas terlengkap. Alat Ternak Ayam, Peralatan Ternak Unggas, Poultry Equipment, Closed House System, Mesin Penetas Telur, Kandang Batrey Kawat Dll
Melayani Pemesanan Alat Ternak Unggas untuk usaha kecil atau besar Antara lain :
Perlengkapan untuk kandang Closed houst, Kandang Batrey Kawat Ayam Petelur-Puyuh, Tempat Pakan Unggas, Feeder Tray, Tempat Minum Ayam, Nipple, Kipas Angin Kandang | Blower, Alat potong Paruh, Layer Feeding System, Keranjang Telur, Alat Penetas Telur Dll.

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Centrifugal Shutter Exhaust Fan
Large Air Flow
Long Service Life
Save Energy
Easy Installation
Low Price
Short Delivery Cycle

exhaust fan
Model 50 36
Blade 1270 1000
Air Flow 43000 28000
Power 1.1kw 0.75kw
Height/Width 1380x1380 1000x1000
Thickness 450 450

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1. Huge airflow, Low noise, high efficiency.Good looking, the surface smoothness & gloss without rough edges.
2.Shutters be use counterweight open-close system.Easy to maintenance.
3.Be introduced the advanced technology from Europe, suitable for various nvironment.
4.Fan housing: Strength galvanized steel.
5.Shutters: Strength galvanized steel(Stainless steel for option).Good seal performance,prevent rain come intothe fan and easy to remove and maintenance.
6.Fan Propeller: 6pcs blades of propeller made from CNC punch.
Rational angles of the blades to supply hugeairflow and low noise.Fan blades with Strength galvanized steel
7.Motor: Die casting aluminum body & Die casting iron body for options, good for heat transfer and l Low noise. With over-load protection inside.
8.Belt Pulley:Be made by strength die casting aluminum with once-forming press. Smooth surface of the groove to supply low noise and huge airflow, and extend the working life of the belt.
9.V-Belt: be use USA “Mitsubishi” belt to supply performance of high strength & good ductile.
10.Motor pulley: Be made by die casting iron with smooth surface treatment.It can extend the working life of the belt and supply low noise & huge airflow.
11.Bearing: Imported auto bearing to ensure stable operation for the fan propeller and low noise.
12.Cable outlet: The cable outlet is on the back of the fan, it makes the fan with more convenience
for installation.
13.Screws & Nuts: Be use stainless steel or blacking treatment to ensure antirust performance.

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North Husbandry Machinery (QZ) Co., Ltd.
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- Best Solution: Fresh Air,High Humidity and Cooling. Cooling.
Cooling Pad, Poultry fan, Negative pressure fan, Exhaust fan, Green house fan, Circulation fan, Evaporative Cooling pad, Poultry layer battery cages, Poultry equipment broiler cage, Automatic breeder feeding system,automatic broiler drinking,automatic fuel, coal, gas, electric heater, dryer,Water Heating Boiler, Poultry House and so on . Our products are widely used in agriculture and industrys ventilationcooling system and heating system.
Application for: animal husbandry, poultry house, livestock breeding, flowers and plants, greenhouse, factory workshop, textile, chemical, medicine, tea, vegetable storage, and supermarket.
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