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Name:Greenhouse Air Circulation Fan
Motor Power:180W


Air Circulation Fan

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Greenhouse Circulation Fan

1. Motor is special made for circulation fan, which is with high efficient and energy saving. Motor is fully-enclosed, can work for long time in high temperature and high humidity circumstance. 
2. greenhouse circulation fan is subject to 360-hour destructive test to ensure its performance.
3. Fan blades made of aluminum material features wide angle, light weight, low noise, and excellent corrosion resistance. Together with specific motor, they are low energy waste, strong wind, long air distance.
4. Fan shell is made using 304 stainless steel and formed by CNC punch press. It is aesthetically pleasing and rust resistant.
5. Front and rear safety mesh grills ensure operation safety.
6. Suspension fasteners are made of stainless steel. They are stable operation, low noise, easy to install, safe to use, and can easily adjust the angle.
7. Designed and made in accordance with ISO9001 standards, the circulation fan is reliable and high quality.

8. The utilization of internationally advanced energy- saving technology and thermal protection system results in our greenhouse circulation fan having the advantages of low energy consumption and long service life.

More information plz give me your E-mail; sales@northhusbandry.com.

Air Circulation Fan

More information plz give me your E-mail;

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Looking forward to your information, E-mail: Sales@northhusbandry.com

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