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Name:poultry equipments,poultry cage systems,nest systems,poultry environment control systems,egg collection system


poultry equipments,poultry cage systems,nest systems,poultry environment control systems,egg collection system

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As we all know,land will be a series problem in the future because the quantity of people is increasing in a high speed.As a result our technical team designed a new product for poultry broiler raising farm ------broiler cage.Using these cages,we can rare more chicken with less land and less equipment.we can save more labor cost.

3 Layer Broiler N-Cages with Automatic Transportation:
3 tires belt transportation consists Motor,Chain,Manure Belt which is suitable H Poultry Cages.
Transportation belt is installed under each cage,when system is in operation,the belt is deliver the chicken manure to the end of cages and completed it whole process.
Primary Parameter:
Driving Power:0.75kw-2.2kw,
Delivery Speed:10-14m/min,
Suitable Length:60-100m
3 tires transportation belt manure cleaner is designated for "H",Straight type broiler cages with galvanized steel of 1.2mm and equipped with motor of 0.75kw. there is transportation belt under each cages.

Features of Automatic Cages for Broilers:
combining broiker cage and manure remover belt to ensure the belt has double functions and it is better way to transportation for broilers.
comparing to ground breeding that caging breeding has 2-4 times rasing density which enhances usges of house and lowers energe consumption.
caging breeding is hygiene,healthy thich enhances raising speed and give more chicken raising scale annually.
when adult chicken is matured that it is easy and speedy to clean,disinfect the cages and shortens the interval time.
Automatically delivers adult out of chicken house when periodic chcken raising is completed which saves operation time and costs.
Supply of feed and water: supplies relaible and comfort insurance for various age of chicken.
Steel parts of chicken cage has anti-corrosive function which satifies cleaning requirements.
Floor slats in the cage is very hygienic and flexible.
Manure Belt is effective and hygiene.

Cages Steel Supporting Frame:


 Cages Drive Motor


Rubber Belt for clear the rubbish


Elastic device for belt





Accessory Products Specification :
1) drinking system: 1. water tank, 2. water pipe, 3. L connector, 4. nipple drinker
2) feeding system: 5. feeding trough hook, 6. feeding trough, 7. feeding trough supporter
3) cage mesh: 8. top mesh, 9. partition mesh, 10. fount mesh, 11. bottom mesh
4) cage frame: 12. frame

Product name N-Cages broiler chicken cage
Cage material Galvanied
The type H type
Layers per set 3
Specification 1.88x1.2x1.5m
or as request
Net Weight 50KGS
Price The latest price,contact us please
Delivery time Within 3 days after confirmation of our order
Condition New
Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name N-Cages
Certification CE SGS ISO9001
After-sales Service Provided Overseas service center available

Equipment Advantage Cage and frame
Automatic feeding system
Automatic drinking system
Automatic manure cleaning system
Automatic egg collecting system
Environment control system (cooling pad+ ventilation fan+ automatic temperature controller)
Spraying system for disinfection
Electrical system

3. Nipple drinking line system

In modern poultry production, nipple drinkers have been proven to be a reliable and hygienic solution for the supply of water. It is consisted by water front parts, drinking system, hanging system, regulator and water line end parts .

Name Description
Nipple shell Made of high-quality engineering plastic, and the valve rod inside is made of high-quality stainless steel.
Valve stem Can rotate freely at 360 degree to meet bird water demand of different period
Hanging system It is easy to adjust the height and the levelness by the winch and the adjustable strip
Structure Double-decked seal structure can effectively avoid wasting water and the resulting impact on the environment humidity.
Feeding capacity broiler: 8-12 birds /nipple, birds in cage: 12 birds/nipple, breeder: 10 birds/nipple
Dosing device Flow rate: 10 L / h - 2.5 m3/h
Working pressure :0.3bar-6bar
Dosing rate: 0.02L / h - 50 L/ h
Maximum working temperature: 40ºC
Adjustment ratio: 0.2% to 2%(1:500-1:50)
Connecting size: external thread G3/4

Water Level Display Height:

Chicken Age (days) 1-7days 8-14days More than 15 days
Water Level Height of display Tube (mm) 50-80mm 80-200mm 200-350mm

4. Ventilation& environment control system
a. This system is of great importance for a chicken house, which is used for providing a most suitable growing environment for chicken. 
b. The system consists of below parts: air inlet, exhaust fan, cooling pad, spraying system and panel door.
c. Cooling pad and exhaust fan combination is the most economical and effective method to lower the temperature in summer.
Exhaust fan component list:

Name Feature
Motor High efficiency and low wastage of energy. The Grade of protection is IP54 and the Insulation Grade is F. Rated power: 1.1kw, rated voltage: 380v
Frame Galvanized steel sheet, steel thcikness 275g/m2,stamping forming, bottom outlet.
Blade Stainless steel blade, By dynamic balance test machine, stable running and volume stability.
Shutters Hot galvanized sheet forming, with automatic opening device
Defend net Hot galvanized anti-rust processing.
Automatic opening device Nylon and glass fiber materials, long life service.
Belt Imported from Japan, long-term use without deformation.
Belt pulley Hard alloy material quality by hot die casting, light material and high intensity.

Chicken Cages Associates

The chicken cages include automated drinking system, feeding trough, metal frame;
16 chickens/cage, In 3 layers chicken cage, it can contain 96 chickens per set;
In 4 layers chicken cage, it can contain 160 chickens per set.
Notes : If you need the H type cage, we will provide you with detailed specifications
If the customer have special requirements, We Can do according to customer requirements.

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