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Name:Winch for Poultry Feeding and Drinking System


Winch for Poultry Feed and Drinking System

1)Size: 600L, , 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000, 3500, 3600.

2)Multipurpose: Lifting, supporting and hauling goods with hand-driver.
3)Safety and reliability: Easy stop in any position with self-lock.
4)Lubrication: Factory lubrication before packaging.
5)Super performance.: Cast worm with heat-treated gear makes the mechanism unique reliable and durable.
6)Heated process: Gear, the small gear;
7)Smooth drive: Oil-retaining bushings or bearing for smooth drive.
8)Surface process: Paint, galvanized, spray; Durable surface finish. Powder-coated surface plus zinc-
Plating for longer corrosion resistance.
Common FAQ :                                            

What information you are supposed to provide to get a good price?
a. Chicken farm net size (Length*width*height);
b. Quantity of chickens in one farm;
c. Weight of chickens when they're for sale in market;
d. Types of chicken: broiler/breeder/layer;
e. Types of breeding: on the ground/in cages;
f.  Chicken farm location and local climate condition such as the temperature, humidity etc.
g. More information more helpful.

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