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Name:Automatic Chicken Nipple Drinking Line
Automatic Chicken Nipple Drinking Line:Automatic Chicken Nipple Drinking Line


Automatic Chicken Nipple Drinking Line

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Nipple drinking line system
In modern poultry production, nipple drinkers have proven to be a reliable and hygienic solution for the supply of water. It is consisted by water front parts, drinking system, hanging system, regulator and water line end parts . 

Name Description
Nipple shell Made of high-quality engineering plastic, and the valve rod inside is made of high-quality stainless steel.
Valve stem Can rotate freely at 360 degree to meet bird water demand of different period
Hanging system It is easy to adjust the height and the levelness by the winch and the adjustable strip
Structure Double-decked seal structure can effectively avoid wasting water and the resulting impact on the environment humidity.
Feeding capacity broiler: 8-12 birds /nipple, birds in cage: 12 birds/nipple, breeder: 10 birds/nipple
Dosing device Flow rate: 10 L / h - 2.5 m3/h
Working pressure :0.3bar-6bar
Dosing rate: 0.02L / h - 50 L/ h
Maximum working temperature: 40ºC
Adjustment ratio: 0.2% to 2%(1:500-1:50)
Connecting size: external thread G3/4

Water Level Display Height:

Chicken Age (days) 1-7days 8-14days More than 15 days
Water Level Height of display Tube (mm) 50-80mm 80-200mm 200-350mm

Ground Nipple Drinking System for Chicken
The whole system includes: Pressure Regulator-Connection-Water Pipe With Nipple Drinker-Breath Unit supply device: in the front of house, consist of water gage medicate, filter, valves, hose, clamp between water inlet pipe and nipple drinking line inside the house
1) water
2) Water pressure regulator: with water flush-out-facility. The water pressure can be adjusted to be suitable for different type of birds or birds at different stages.
3) Nipple drinker: Clamp type, stainless steel core, and plastic shell. Stainless steel three-layer sealing valve,
4) Water cup: optional
5) Water pipe: round type. Inner diameter 22 mm.
6) Lifting system: to adjust the height of water pipe to meet the chicken in different age.

What is the Advantages of our poultry nipple drinker?
1.Clean water---direct drinking for Chicken from nipple drinker,No spiling and soaking, like the original container style drinker, to make sure chicken can get clean,freshwater,which can avoid some bird diseases.
2.Save labor---connect with PVC pipe or water container,do not need to check the water condition very often,just need to make sure PVC pipe connect with water or the water container have water.
3.Easy for Chicken to use it---Bright red/yellow/orange design, attract to birds or chicken and the nipple drinker dispense a drip of water whenever they are pecked,they can avoid some birds diseases for chicken with playing.
4.Easy to clean for nipple,bacause of removable parts.

Poultry Nipple Drinker Details:
1.With 360 degree stainless steel nipple
2.Heavy duty
3.With Removable lower parts for easy cleaning
4.Weight: 8.5-9 g/pc
5.Color: Red/Yellow(can be customized)
6.Quantity: 100 pcs/bag,10 bags/carton

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