Double-door Cone Fan

  • Double-door Cone Fan

Name:Double-door Cone Fan
Motor Power:1.1KW

Product Description

Double-door Cone Fan

Brief Intro.:


1. Double-door newest design,make the finest tightness;
2. 1.5mm blades,stainless steel make the best performance;
3.1mm outer frame,make the good intensity.
4.Equipped with Mitsubishi belt,imported Franch double-roll bearing.
Detail Description:
Using advanced front double door opening device, small wind resistance, good sealing, high efficiency, lengthened cone design improve exhaust power.
butterfly cone fan with double door
Fan double doors closed with the rubber sealing which effectively avoid air backflow when start fans at different time. Greatly improve the operation efficiency by 15-20% compared with the same power fan.
butterfly cone fan with double door
  Fan blade is special designed for top grade efficiency which made of Krupp stainless steel by punch forming. Large air volume, no deformation, no broken, no dust, attractive and durable. Thickness 1.2mm, surface finish BA grade.
Fan blades are adjusted by intelligent dynamic-balance tester, ensure the fan smooth running, lower vibration, less noise, increase stability.
The first adopt Type B belt which 3times longer service life instead of type A.

butterfly cone fan with double door.

More information plz give me your E-mail;

Double-door Cone Fan

More information plz give me your E-mail;



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NORTH HUSBANDRY is Manufacturer of Dorp Hammer Exhaust Fan,Push-pull Centrifugal Fan,Butterfly Cone Fan,Hang Fan,Oil Burning Heater;

also have Automatic heater,Layer battery cages,Automatic breeder feeding system,Automatic drinking,Solar water pump and so on.

Product Application:

Greenhouse,Poultry house,Chicken Farm,Workshop,Pig Farm. . .

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