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Name:Cages Automate Belt Cleaning Faeces System|Factory Automation Feeding System|Poultry Cages
Poultry Cages:Cages Automate Belt Cleaning Faeces System/Factory Automation Feeding System/Poultry Cages


Cages Automate Belt Cleaning Faeces System|Factory Automation Feeding System|Poultry Cages

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Environmental Control for Poultry House Buildings

As we all know,land will be a series problem in the future because the quantity of people is increasing in a high speed.As a result our technical team designed a new product for poultry broiler raising farm ------broiler cage.Using these cages,we can rare more chicken with less land and less equipment.we can save more labor cost.

Poultry Cage Advantages
a. The quantity of raising is 2 to 4 times more than the traditional ground raising.So you can save land,and save the energy.
b. Promote the broiler growing environment clearly,improve growth rate,health degree,evenness degree and feed conversion rate.
c. Reduce the empty farm time,it is due to the automatic level.The feces cleaning system is designed to be fully automatic.
d. Automatic manure cleaning system could reduce the ammonia gas quantity,by this way,could prevent the cross infection problem.

The convenient plastic bottom net make you pull out the adult chicken easily.Please look at the white plastic net in the picture below.You can pull the net out and then the broilers will fall down to the delivery system and then transport outside.

Cages Steel Supporting Frame:


 Cages Drive Motor


Rubber Belt for clear the rubbish


Elastic device for belt





Accessory Products Specification :
1) drinking system: 1. water tank, 2. water pipe, 3. L connector, 4. nipple drinker
2) feeding system: 5. feeding trough hook, 6. feeding trough, 7. feeding trough supporter
3) cage mesh: 8. top mesh, 9. partition mesh, 10. fount mesh, 11. bottom mesh
4) cage frame: 12. frame

Product name N-Cages broiler chicken cage
Cage material Galvanied
The type H type
Layers per set 3
Specification 1.88x1.2x1.5m
or as request
Net Weight 50KGS
Price The latest price,contact us please
Delivery time Within 3 days after confirmation of our order
Condition New
Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name N-Cages
Certification CE SGS ISO9001
After-sales Service Provided Overseas service center available

Equipment Advantage Cage and frame
Automatic feeding system
Automatic drinking system
Automatic manure cleaning system
Automatic egg collecting system
Environment control system (cooling pad+ ventilation fan+ automatic temperature controller)
Spraying system for disinfection
Electrical system

Chicken Cages Associates

The chicken cages include automated drinking system, feeding trough, metal frame;
16 chickens/cage, In 3 layers chicken cage, it can contain 96 chickens per set;
In 4 layers chicken cage, it can contain 160 chickens per set.
Notes : If you need the H type cage, we will provide you with detailed specifications
If the customer have special requirements, We Can do according to customer requirements.

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