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Name:1220x1220x400mm Dorp Hammer Exhaust Fan


1220x1220x400mm Dorp Hammer Exhaust Fan

NORTH HUSBANDRY Product Application:

Greenhouse,Poultry house,Chicken Farm,Workshop,Pig Farm. . .

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50'' Dorp Hammer Exhaust Fan/Poultry house fan/Greenhouse ventilator/Poultry cages

1.Ventilation Exhaust Fan of Energy Efficiency Ratio

1380x1380x400mm(1380x1380x450mm) Size 50'' Super Exhaust Fan
1000x1000x400mm  (1000x1000x450mm)    Size 36'' Exhaust Fan
Blade Diam: 1250mm/1270mm/900mm
Motor Speed: 1400 r/min
Air Volume (m³/h): 30000M3/h-44000M3/h
Noise: 65db
Power: 0.55KW/.075KW/1.1KW

Voltage: 380V

Greenhouse Ventilation means wipe off the noxious gas (for example ammonia ,Hydrogen Sulfide,carbon monoxide,dust etc )pull the fresh air inside .
Ventilation control is the most challenge work on the environment of chicken house, It is need more attention .Ventilation could have affection on the air quality ,temperature ,humidification .If have no appropriate ventilation and it may need to raise density adjustment.
The effect of ventilation :
1.According to the air of change could wipe out the waste gas and bad smell then it could bring the fresh air and meet the chicken demand to oxygen .
2.Uniform distribution of fresh air and could not let the chicken group get sick.
3.Adjust the temperature of chicken house .
4.Assist control humidification 
5.Maintain good bedding environment

Supply of Ventilation Exhaust Fan :


Dorp Hammer Exhaust Fan-56''

1530x1530x400mm,55800M3/H,1.5kw motor,



1380x1380x400mm,44000M3/H,1.1kw motor,



1220x1220x400mm,38000M3/H,1.1kw motor,



1100x1100x400mm,32500M3/H,0.75kw motor,


Fan-36'' 1000x1000x400mm,32500M3/H,0.75kw motor,



900x900x400mm,38000M3/H,0.55kw motor,


Centrifugal Shutter Exhaust Fan-50'' 1380x1380x450mm,44000M3/H,1.1kw motor,



1000x1000x450mm,32500M3/H,0.75kw motor,


FRP Cone Exhaust Fan-54




1170x1170x560mm,38000M3/H,0.75kw motor,


 Fan-36'' 1060x1060x560mm,32500M3/H,0.75kw motor,


Hanging Fan-50''

1380x1380x380mm,44000M3/H,1.1kw motor,


Fan-40'' 1100x1100x380mm,32500M3/H,1.1kw motor,


Butterfly Cone Fan-50''

1380x1380x1300mm,51020M3/H,1.1kw motor,


Light Trap 1400x1400x250mm,1150x1150x250mm
Evaporative Air Cooler 1050x1050x950mm,18000M3/H,1.1kw Motor,

Supply of Ventilation Exhaust Fan :Standard Exhaust Fan Axial Flow Fans cooling pad 7090/5090

Wall Mount Axial Ventilator Cooling Fan/Exhaust Fan/Poultry Fan For Greenhouse

Working Principal:

Use the principle of negative pressure cross-ventilation, to bring the fresh air in from the opposite of the installation position——door or window naturally, and extract the indoor hot gas rapidly.Any improper ventilation problem can be solved. The cooling and ventilation efficiency can reach as high as 90%-97%.

1, Frame: frames are made of galvanized board, thickness 1.0mm, galvanizing layer 180g/square meter.

2, Blade: 6 pieces, material 430/201 stainless steel, mirror face.

3, Impeller, casting aluminum alloy impeller.

4, Bearing of impeller :permanently sealed bearing, size 633313.

5, Venture: galvanized board, thickness 1.0mm.

6, Blade tip clearance: 25mm, mirroe face.

7, Inlet wind protecting net: spraying paint steel wire, thickness 2.8mm.

8, Electrical motor: aluminum alloy frame motor, 380V/220/415V, 1.1KW/0.75KW(1.5HP/1HP), 50HZ/60HZ, 3PH/Single Phase, 4-pole speed, 1410r/m, IP55, class F, efficiency 90%, top/foot mounted,

9, Motor bearing, :national grade.

10, Belt: V-belt and A-belt (Made-in-China and Japan brand Mitsuboshi).

11, Shutters, galvanized board, 0.8 mm thickness while the middle piece thickness 1.0mm. Galvanizing layer ,120g/square meter.

12, Opening system, nylon material, brown color and black color.

13, Rivets: aluminum alloy and stainless steel rivets.

14, Cable: 1 meter long, strong robber wire.

More information plz give me your E-mail; sales@northhusbandry.com.

1220x1220x400mm Dorp Hammer Exhaust Fan

More information plz give me your E-mail; sales@northhusbandry.com.




About Company:

NORTH HUSBANDRY is Manufacturer of Dorp Hammer Exhaust Fan,Push-pull Centrifugal Fan,Butterfly Cone Fan,Hang Fan,Oil Burning Heater;

also have Automatic heater,Layer battery cages,Automatic breeder feeding system,Automatic drinking,Solar water pump and so on.

Product Application:

Greenhouse,Poultry house,Chicken Farm,Workshop,Pig Farm. . .

Our generation process for dealers -

Provide solutions for aquaculture farmers -

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