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Name:36&50 Poultry House Light Trap
Poultry House Light Trap:Poultry House Light Trap


36''&50'' Poultry house light trap
Air Inlet is used for poultry system, which balance the clean air and keep the temperature. 
1) Through open the special angle, the air inlet suit to chicken growing according to the local environment. 
2) Dust ammonia and carbon dioxide are eliminated and water vapor is removed from the air inlet. 
3) We can design the air inlet as customer's requirement and provide professional suggestion 
The component of Air Inlet 
1) Windows: Plastic contains the anti-ultraviolet raw material, making it longevity 
2) Protection Net: Reasonable structure, material is Polypropylene. 
3) Nylon pulley: Designed by patent organization, it is of rolling friction when turning on or off, low resistance and easy opening and closing. 
4) Return Spring: High-quality stainless steel spring, durable and rustless. 
5) Pulley Accessories: Rigidity hard-drawn wire round steel, ensuring accurately opening. Rigidly connected will not be stretched, the surface is treated by galvanization in case of rust.

More information plz give me your E-mail; sales@northhusbandry.com.

Poultry House Light Trap

More information plz give me your E-mail; sales@northhusbandry.com.




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