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Name:Chicken house air inlet 600mm


Chicken house air inlet 600*325*160mm 
1. Material: made of high quality engineering plastic by injection molding, aging resistance, chemical resistance, solid and durable.
2. Window: ultraviolet resist resin added into the raw material, anti-aging and anti-UV with long service life. 20mm thick polystyrene insulation board, avoiding lost of heating in winter.
3. Nylon pulley: rolling friction when turning on or off, low resistance, flexible switch.
4.Reture spring: high quality stainless steel spring, durable and rustless.
5. Air guide plate: it is mounted at upper edge of the inllet and allows precise direction of air flow. The air flow direction can be adjusted individually by changing the angle between the plate and the wall.
6. Adjustable flap allowing fine adjustment of air flow patterns.
7. Anti-bird net: preventing the damage from wild birds.
8. Easy installation, sealed tightly, flexibly open and close.
9. Withstands cleaning with a high pressure cleaner.
10. Customer's requirements are acceptable, and professional suggestion would be offered.

More information plz give me your E-mail; sales@northhusbandry.com.

Chicken house air inlet

More information plz give me your E-mail; sales@northhusbandry.com.




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